Lex Mundi Workshop in Belgrade

19 June 2013

Between 13th and 16th June, a Workshop of the leading international association of international law firms Lex Mundi was held in Belgrade, Serbia, on Bargaining Process and Negotiations Techniques. The event was a major success, owing in no small part to its excellent organization by the law firm Jankovic Popovic & Mitic.

The workshop was attended by more than 50 attorneys from Central and Eastern Europe; Penkov Markov & Partners were represented by Alexander Stefanov, Nikolay Cvetanov, Hristo Hinkov and Paula Slavkova. The training sessions were conducted in the format of a series of business negotiations, with the participants in each of those being cast in different roles: as an investor, investor’s counsel, seller, seller’s counsel, etc. Each role-play game has a different script and pursued different objectives. Thus the trainees could experience the same transaction from different perspectives and gain experience about some specific techniques and modes of behaviour instrumental for the success of negotiations.

Beside the training workshop also various discussion panels were held, aiming at building a strategy for the Lex Mundi member firms, in order to streamline and further develop the legal services provided by them, as well as their customer relations in the context of the relevant economic reality.