Penkov, Markov & Partners – certified “personal data protection” advisor

22 June 2017

In the end of May 2017, Penkov, Markov & Partners became the first (and currently the only one) law firm in Republic of Bulgaria which is certified from the International Standardization Organization (“ISO”) regarding the package of comprehensive services offered in the sphere of “personal data protection” (“PDP”).

Since the beginning of 2015 our trusted training team of PDP lawyers provides its special and customized PDP expertise to all our clients and also to the members of bilateral commercial chambers, including the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), German-Bulgarian Industrial Chamber of Commerce (“DBIHK”), Swiss Chamber of Commerce, etc. Our PDP team was the first in Bulgaria which conducted a procedure for personal data transfer through the adopted EU Model Contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries (“Standart contractual clauses”).

Minding the newly adopted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the principles underlying therein our colleagues are the first PDP experts in Bulgaria which carry out overall PDP-compliance audit of the small, medium and big Bulgarian companies and corporations. As part of the analysis of the data protection procedures in the companies and bearing in mind the “privacy by design” principle, set out in the GDPR, our colleagues are conducting comprehensive trainings on the newly adopted legislation and the obligations of the companies as personal data administrators.

The PDP team of Penkov, Markov & Partners provides also an additional service – “Data protection officer (DPO)” as according to the provisions of the GDPR the appointing of a Data Protection Officer is becoming mandatory for all data-driven European businesses. Our DPO service assists internally on all matters relating to privacy and data protection, as well as GDPR compliance. The DPO service takes over privacy and data protection tasks, employee trainings, and serves to our clients as an independent expert/s both internally as well as towards customers or the Data Protection Authorities. Our DPO service can take overall tasks required by the GDPR and all roles are adjusted towards the specific needs of our clients.

We are performing the overall conduction of PDP audit and training to the employees and managing bodies of our clients. So far the PDP audit and training was successfully completed with more than 30 of our clients among which big international corporations such as Heineken Holding, Netherlands and its Bulgarian subsidiary Zagorka AD; Mondi, Austria (one of the biggest international packaging and paper groups); Karelia Tobacco Company, Greece and its subsidiary Karelia Bulgaria EOOD; the companies from the Rollmann group in Bulgaria, etc.  Among our clients are also government bodies, including ministries and their units which assign us to conduct internal audits and PDP compliance analysis.

As of the beginning of June 2017 we are participating in the biggest PDP initiative in Bulgaria organized from DBIHK. The initiative will take place in the largest IT companies in Plovdiv and Varna and our PDP team will conduct series of personal data protection audits and trainings during these events.

The Personal data protection team of Penkov, Markov & Partners continues to provide the comprehensive PDP service package to current and potential clients, in order to assure that the Bulgarian companies will be ready for the new provisions of the GDPR before its official application as of 25th of May 2018.