Our colleague Nikolay Cvetanov in an interview for BTV

The employer can apply in the scheme 60/40, if he has paid all the remunerations and insurance: "In order for the employer to receive this form of state aid, he must have paid both the employee's remuneration and all additional insurance," shared in an interview for BTV Nikolay Cvetanov, Managing Partner at Penkov, Markov & Partners Law Firm.

The relative charge of the amounts provided by the State to what the employer is supposed to pay regard to the benefits is closer to the scheme 40/60 rather than 60/40. This type of state aid is a form of solidarity because of two main reasons. This is an opportunity for the employers to keep their employees. Secondly this will confine unemployed people to the labour exchange. If the labour exchange is entrusted then the government should pay more than those 60% planned in the state aid scheme.

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