Nikolay Cvetanov on the privilege and the responsibility as a managing partner of Penkov, Markov & Partners for Forbes


Penkov, Markov & Partners Law Firm, now known by businesses in the country as a well-organized and committed to perfection law firm, is celebrating its thirty-year history this year.


The head of the law firm Vladimir Penkov is well-known in the legal guild, along with three other lawyers, filled with faith, fear for the future and enthusiasm, set up the law firm back in 1990 in a small apartment, making it feel not only as a team but as a family.


Driven by the idea that people are the most valuable resource, over the years the company has managed to maintain the sense of unity, support and cohesion. It is the established corporate culture and values that brings the team together and motivates them to work as a whole - as a "family". Nikolay Cvetanov is part of this “family".


Since January this year Nikolay Cvetanov is the new managing partner of Penkov, Markov & Partners Law Firm. "A privilege, but also a huge responsibility," as he puts it. Working in a company requires thinking and acting creatively and persistently in order to be able to uphold and develop the high standards of legal services.


Attorney Cvetanov defines himself as an ambitious leader who strives to convey ambition to his team. He tries to be a leader and fill his colleagues with energy and credo, because, in his opinion, this is the secret of success both in law and in life: “A lawyer must be an energetic person who is able to find pragmatic solutions while living with his clients' problems,” he says.


The law firm is unique in its philosophy and goals. It seeks to exceed all established standards in Bulgaria. "Every lawyer who is part of the team knows that we live for the business, for the clients, and are willing to sacrifice a lot to satisfy their needs and our own desire to give the best to the profession," he says. "We know what the direction is and are ready to look for all the solutions in one case to find the best one."


The approach of working at Penkov, Markov & Partners has always been innovative and different, according to Cvetanov. "For 30 years, they have dictated the news and the processes in law, they have been at the root of many first things.”


The quality of the service is "cultured," said lawyer Cvetanov. Therefore, the company applies different approaches of work so that the final legal product has gone through several different views - the preparatory, the innovative, the meticulous and finally the experienced. Each of them has value added and makes the advice unique.


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