Milena Gaidarska with an interview for the podcast “Banknotes from real estate” by Imvestia


Milena Gaidarska, Partner at Penkov, Markov & Partners, shares interesting facts and valuable information from her professional experience in the field of real estate deals in a special interview with Shtelyan Kalchev for the "Banknotes from Real Estate" podcast of Imvestia. The production aims to reveal important news and strategies in the area of real estate investing by presenting interviews with successful investors, entrepreneurs, or the best professionals in the field.

“Investing without an experienced lawyer by your side is like walking on the edge of a rock blindfold… A professional lawyer is invaluable in the more and more complicated legal cases nowadays and absolutely obligatory when it comes to a real estate purchase,” said Shtelyan Kalchev, co-founder of "Banknotes from Real Estate"

As a proven professional with more than 23 years of experience in the legal field, Milena Gaidarska commented on the most important moments and key strategies in investing in real estate. She also talks about the role of the good lawyer prior and during the process of completing a deal, while also pointing out why an experienced attorney is a key to a successful investment in real estate.

“The lawyer's job is extremely important, he is the person who must make a full legal analysis, as well as take into account the results of financial and technical due diligence. The attorney must design the process step by step, prepare all the necessary documentation for the transaction, negotiate the success of the investment and the best terms”, said Milena Gaidarska, Partner at Penkov, Markov & Partners.

She also answered some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to investing in real estates, such as - what should the investor expect and require from an experienced lawyer in the process of buying estate property; what is legal/technical/financial due diligence and why is it necessary; how should a preliminary contract for the sale of an estate look like ; how to choose a lawyer and what questions to ask her/him in the selection process; what are the risks of a deal on tax evaluation and many other useful tips for all investors.

You can watch the whole interview with Milena Gaidarska here or listen to it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.