Nikolay Voynov

Associated Partner


Practice Areas

Mr Voynov has 15 years of practical experience acting as legal advisor to Bulgarian and foreign corporate clients, public bodies and public undertakings in various legal areas such as Energy, Public Procurement, PPP and Concessions, Infrastructure, Transport, M&A, Project Financing etc. 


Mr. Voynov has rendered legal advice with respect to the following material projects:

  • A world leading mining company on its natural resources’ concession project in Bulgaria; 
  • A leading energy utility company on the realization of the project for construction of a hydropower cascade;
  • Investors and public undertakings on various aspects regarding the liberalisation of the Bulgarian electricity market and the operations of the Bulgarian Energy Exchange; 
  • A leading foreign investor on the implementation of ESCO model contract in Bulgaria;
  • A leading foreign investor on the implementation of the requirements of the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive in its day-to-day business operations;
  • Public undertakings on the 2018 conversion of the RES feed-in tariff model to feed-in premium model in Bulgaria;
  • A Bulgarian public undertaking on the implementation of the Gas Release Program and the formation of the Natural Gas Trading Platform in Bulgaria;
  • Public bodies and public undertaking on issues, related to lawful carrying out of public procurements in the fields of energy, waste management, construction etc.;
  • Public bodies on the adoption of the 2018 Bulgarian Concession Act transposing the 2014 Concession Directive;
  • Public bodies on the legal options for the realization of large-scale infrastructure project in the port of Burgas through PPP/concession;
  • Public bodies on the legal options for the realisation of the European Electronic Tolling Service in Bulgaria through concession;
  • Public bodies on the preparation of national positions regarding infringement procedures by the European Commission in the field of waters;
  • Public bodies regarding the realization of large-scale infrastructure projects in the field of transport and water supply and sewage through PPP/concessions;
  • Investors on the possibilities for the realisation of projects in the fields of recreation and tourism through PPP/concessions;
  • A leading retail investor in the foodstuff industry regarding the lawful functioning of various aspects of its day-to-day business.

Experience obtained prior to Mr. Voynov’s joining PM&P 



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