Yura Mincheva

Assoziierter Partner

Practice Areas

Mrs. Mincheva has practical experience of long standing in legal surveys, preparation of legal documents and representation of clients in different areas of business law such as Administrative Law, Protection of Competition, Consumer’s Protection, Banking and Finance Law, Tax Law, Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Protection, Company Law, Commercial Contracts, Project Finance, Public Procurement, Legal Representation in litigations in the field of Civil, Commercial and Administrative law.


Mrs. Mincheva, independently and as a part of different working groups within Penkov, Markov & Partners, has been involved in provision of legal advices and consulting services as well as in representation of clients in the following key projects: Competition Law: Advice to different clients with regard to their advertising campaign  and their compliance with the applicable laws and rules against the unfair competition: „Balkanstar Automotive“, „Balkanstar Motors“, „Zagorka“, „CMB Bulgaria“,  „Naturproduct“, „Mondi Stamboliiski“, „Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group“, „Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique Bulgaria“ and others, legal advice and assistance in cartel investigations etc. Banking and Finance Law: Mrs. Mincheva has practical experience of financing of acquisition and development of enterprises, establishment and implementation of collateral and debt collection of international banks with state participation, legal analysis of proposed projects for financing, credit granting, monitoring of execution, enforcement, contracts for financing projects of the “European Bank for Reconstruction and Development“ etc. Providing a broad range of legal services to diverse clients, including international and domestic companies, financial institutions (banks and leasing companies), ensure the compliance of client’s activities in view with newly introduced regulations based on EU legislation (e.g. regarding the consumer’s credits etc.). Legal representation in civil, commercial and administrative disputes, including insolvency proceedings, debt collection, tax issues regarding withholding taxes, application of the Agreements to Avoid Double Taxation, recognition of VAT credit etc. Legal representation before the European Court of Human Rights. Tax Law: Advice on the tax planning of the tax effects of upcoming transactions and business operations involving local and foreign persons, tax and costs optimization, use of VAT credit in various projects of Kalimbasieris Meritaim, Firstline Estates Group and others.



  • The new amendment to The Public Procurement Act, Wirtschaftsblatt, No 12/2008
  • The new amendment to The Commercial Register Act, Wirtschaftsblatt, No 7/2008