Koycho Marinov

Associated Partner


Practice Areas

Mr. Marinov currently provides legal advice to Bulgarian and foreign clients in connection with the structuring of transactions through transformation, incorporation of new companies, transfer of commercial enterprises, etc.

Mr. Marinov has experience in preparing consultations and legal documents, preparing commercial contracts, conducting inquiries and analyzes for clients in various areas and aspects of civil law.

Mr. Marinov has legal representation in civil and commercial disputes, executive proceedings, international law and administrative law.



Koycho Marinov has participated in various working groups of Penkov, Markov and Partners in connection with the construction and commercialization of Paradise Center.

Koycho Marinov is part of working groups formed for the purpose of preparing a legal analysis of real estate and commercial enterprises.

Legal assistance and legal representation of Gloriet Invest BG Ltd. in relation to the settlement of the relations with „Technomarket“ AD.