Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

PM&P has long track record of its work with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). The key contribution in this connection is that of Mr. Vladimir Penkov, Managing Partner as a years-long member of the BCCI Managing Board and BCCI Vice-President until recently.

Throughout the years of partnership with the BCCI, the team of PM&P has provided dozens of opinions and proposals on legislative amendments aimed at safeguarding better protection of the interests of investors and creating a more favourable business environment. The team has worked on the Concessions Act, the Public Procurement Act, the Value Added Tax Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act, the Companies Register Act, the Energy Act, the Renewable Energy Sources Act and many other pieces of legislation.

For the last few years the PM&P team has been the official legal advisor to the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on energy-related legal matters and in this capacity it has prepared numerous opinions and participated in the working group at the National Assembly, working actively on the proposals to develop and improve the legal framework of this sector.

The contribution of PM&P to the BCCI working groups is highly appreciated. In 2013, Mr. Svetoslav Dimitrov, Partner was elected member of the Innovations and Energy Efficiency Board at the BCCI. Thus PM&P contributes to the development of the legal framework in this economic sector.