American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

PM&P is a long-standing member and partner of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (AmCham). It has recently participated together with AmCham in numerous initiatives aimed at improving the investment and business environment in Bulgaria.

For instance, AmCham assigned PM&P to take part in the project for the enhancement of transparency and responsibility of the Companies Register, within the framework of which the team of the law firm initially prepared a due diligence report of the policies and practices of the Companies Register and the harmonization of the legal framework concerning the registration of companies in Bulgaria. That report and a series of round table discussion were the point of departure for the law firm to draft amendments to the Companies Register Act.

Most of the proposals contained in the draft commissioned to PM&P by AmCham have become elements of the existing legal regime for the registration of companies. The team has further initiatives to work on for the development of effective protection arrangements to protect corporate names through clear criteria of identity and deceptive similarity and to overcome some other weaknesses and gaps in the provisions of the Commercial Code.