The incessant striving for development, the huge efforts to achieve the selected objectives, the changing working and living conditions are the cornerstones of the path for the law firm to grow.

The lawyers of PM&P aspire to be not only good professionals but also reliable and trustworthy people.

The establishment of in-house corporate standards and general rules of conduct create the feeling of belonging and well-developed corporate culture.

All this enables every member of the team to commit to the corporate values of PM&P which will contribute to the even faster development of the law firm.

  • Success is mastering the challenges of time and change!
  • To find the necessary unconventional solution is to part with conventional thinking!
  • New ideas come true with knowledge and experience but coupled with courage and determination!
  • Knowledge and expertise in diverse spheres blend to warrant a comprehensive legal service!
  • Good internal communication and commitment are preconditions for building confidence, mutual help and client satisfaction!
  • In times of change corporate responsibility is a boost to motivation and the right attitude! There is more to a good lawyer than professional competence …