PM&P Supports the Liberalization of the Energy Market

04 April 2014

On 31st March 2014, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a round table on “Energy Efficiency Innovations in Bulgaria,” organized by the Council for Innovation and Energy Efficiency. The round table was attended by representatives of SMEs in Bulgaria, scientists from the Technical University of Sofia and experts in the energy and energy efficiency sector. 

In the course of the event our colleague and partner, Mr. Svetoslav Dimitrov, who is also a member of the Council, held a presentation on “Liberalization of the Energy Market and the Significance of Energy Efficiency”.

The presented reports and held discussions resulted in further consolidating the participants’ position that the liberalization of the local energy market and the achievement of a higher level of energy efficiency in the country are crucial and will enhance not only the competitiveness of Bulgarian goods on the international market, but also the Bulgarian economy as a whole. 

As a result of the round table and with the active and committed support of PM&P’s energy team, a list of recommendations was prepared, which shall be brought to the attention of the Minister of the Economy and Energy.