! Christmas party of LIC Penkov, Markov and partners

28 December 2001

The traditional Christmas party of Lega InterConsult took place at the Sheraton Hotel on 21 December 2001. All associated members and guest lawyers who had provided legal advice were invited and present at the party. The total number of guests exceeded 110 persons. Mr. Vladimir Penkov, Managing Partner welcomed the guests and briefed them on the performance of Lega InterConsult in 2001. He reported the positive financial results of the Company and specified some new projects for the following year. Mr. Penkov announced that Lega InterConsult had established scholarships for two sudents of law at St. Clement of Ochrida Sofia University.

Mr. Dimitar Popov, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria extended a message of greetings to the participants. In his speech, he emphasized the substantial role of Bulgarian lawyers in public life and their great responsibility.