! The Business Superbrands Award for 2008 was presented to Penkov Markov & Partners

10 April 2008

On April 2, 2008, at an official ceremony held in the Central Military Club in the City of Sofia, the Business Superbrands Awards were officially presented – the most prestigious business brands on the Bulgarian market for the year 2008. The awards were presented by the Minister of the Economy Mr. Petar Dimitrov, Stoian Stalev, Chairman of the Board of Business Superbrands, Mila Behar and other members of the Business Superbrands team. The brand – “Business Superbrands” represents quality, reliability, diversity, which is evidence for the exceptional reputation of the brand among present and potential customers and investors.

Being very proud and professionally satisfied, we are gladly hereby reporting that one of the fifty two awarded brands for most prestigious businesses brands on the Bulgarian market for the year 2008 is the brand “Penkov Markov & Partners”, which reflects without doubt the success of the numerous clients of our law firm. This evidences the opportunity to develop a successful business in Bulgaria, as well that investors and clients can fully rely on the lawyers from Penkov Markov & Partners who have contributed immensely for affirming this brand as a Business Superbrand in Bulgaria. Penkov Markov & Partners’ Executive Partner Mr. Vladimir Penkov and Ms. Iskra Stefanova, Director of Management and Coordination Directorate attended the awards ceremony.