An Interview with the Insight Publications Forbes Magazine

An interview with the Insight Publications Forbes Magazine was held with Mr. Vladimir Penkov on 21 March 2006 whereby special interest was paid to the development of Penkov, Markov & Partners as a leading law office in Bulgaria and the related thereto management, professional insurance, internal rules of work, ISO 2001 acquired and HR policy. Mr. Penkov pointed out that despite some weak point in the judicial system, by adopting a new Penal Code and some changes to the Constitution as to provide independency of authorities and the possibility for foreigners to acquire land, Bulgaria makes certain efforts with this regard. That is further supported by the introduction of private execution, competition protection rules harmonization, as well as the transparency in state procurements.

Mr. Penkov has further pointed out that a considerable level of investments protection is at hand in Bulgaria, which together with the new market possibilities and the government policy towards enhancing investments on the background of the stable economic growth within the last few years creates a favourable investment climate in Bulgaria.

Mr. M. L. Levy, Mr. Vl. Penkov and Mr. Farah Khan