As of 10.06.2019

10 June 2019

The choice between Bulgaria and Turkey for the new Volkswagen factory

German agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) has provided information on the selection of country to build the construction of a new factory of Volkswagen. It's about the car factory where the conventional models of Skoda and Seat will be used. Is expected of the factory to produce around 200,000 cars per year, and jobs will be ranging from 4,000 to 5,000. The Germans were targeting Eastern European countries, at the first considered countries are Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, but according to the latest data at this stage, the choice is limited to Turkey Turkey and Bulgaria. The investment of the German automobile giant (in Bulgaria) will be worth 1.4 billion euros. Both countries have the biggest chances of the Volkswagen project due to the conditions they offer.

According to sources from the company, both countries have their advantages. Turkey has considerable experience in the automobile industry, a large market and a highly skilled workforce. The new Volkswagen factory will have to maintain relatively low production and delivery costs in the long run, which is why Bulgaria's membership in the single European market gives it a significant advantage. Another superiority of our country is the many openings in the last years of a factories to produce automobile parts, which are part of the world production chain in the automobile industry. The German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier went to Sofia and Plovdiv, which are said to be the most likely locations for the factory.

But why is Volkswagen's factory important for Bulgaria?

The Volkswagen car assembly factory would have a positive impact on engineering technology and industrial production. The investment is long-term. Such a factory usually brings with it many related industries, logistics and supply. Since it is a huge company with established markets in Europe and around the world, if it is built in Bulgaria, the factory will create more value for the economy than the whole agricultural sector and construction sector.