The Commission for Protection of Competition has initiated a new sectoral analysis

17 February 2022

The increased internet consumption in Bulgaria in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the trend of accelerating online sales growth, the numerous infringements of competition rules found in the digital environment and its dynamic development, are part of the reasons justifying the launch of a new sectoral analysis by the Commission for Protection of Competition ("CPC").

The initiated analysis will be carried out on the market for e-commerce with consumer goods and the provision of online services. In this regard, the object of review will be retailers in the electronic environment, providing the widest range of goods and services - clothing, electronic equipment, accommodation services and travel packages, services related to the supply of food and beverages, online sales of other goods - tickets, vouchers and others.

In the reasoning for initiating the sectoral analysis in this area, the CPC points out the many violations found in previous inspections, some of which are related to differences in pricing of goods and services offered in online-based platforms and physical sites where traders perform activity. There have also been cases of unlawful use of personal data not acquired in the course of business for digital marketing purposes.

In view of the growing importance of the e-commerce market, the CPC focuses on this sector by conducting an analysis aimed at gathering information on the development of the sector in the light of the rules governing free competition. Thus, the regulatory body strives to gain a detailed inside into the currently evolving market processes, including the market shares of the participants in view of the possible calculation of a dominant position, respectively the necessity for potential additional initiatives and measures by the CPC, aimed to support the competitive process and contribute to the proper development of the market environment.

For the purposes of the analysis, the CPC is expected to request information from other state bodies, private organizations with a role in this sector, as well as retailers which have based their activity in the digital sphere.

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