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We create successful IP strategies

  • Respecting the intellectual property rights (IPRs), such as rights over registered trademarks and designs, patents for inventions, geographical indications, copyright and rights related to copyright, enable business to grow more efficient and to develop own identity and leading market positions. It is of particular importance to addresses inventions as a driver of the knowledge-based economy.
  • These rights provide the appropriate legal means aimed at securing protection and oversighting the quality, uniqueness and origin of the products, and preventing their illegitimate use. IP rights represent also powerful tools for avoidance of the unfair competition and can generate significant additional revenues from commercialization of the intangible assets of the companies.
  • Penkov, Markov & Partners offer individual work and approach in the process of providing legal advice to clients in the fields of patent and trademark matters, prosecuting and enforcing all types of registered and non-registered IP rights, representation in court litigation, administrative proceedings, including before Customs and Competition Authorities.
  • We are particularly emphasizing the proper building of a successful strategy for management of IP rights as intangible assets, not only for large enterprises, but also for small and medium-sized companies, universities, research institutions as well as individual inventors.   
  • Our consultations are focused on finding the best possible business solution for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property, including providing support for finding investors.
  • In recent years we have expanded our practice in the field of international and European patent, trademark and design applications and we are very proud with the successful protection of some unique Bulgarian bio products abroad.
  • Our long-standing experience in administrative proceedings, representation before courts and arbitration bodies, delivers maximum protection to our clients. Our professional expertise guarantees the high quality of our specialized services for different types of intellectual property.
  • We offer specialized preliminary researches (for patented technology - novelty and inventive step, and freedom to operate) which lead not only to significant savings but also to more efficient and straightaway solutions for the protection of the interests of our clients.
  • Penkov, Markov & Partners is a leading law firm in providing legal services in the negotiation and preparation of licensing, franchise and know – how agreements related to patented and not patented technologies, as well as in the concluding of deals related to the acquisition and sale of intellectual property and other IP transactions.
  • Architects, artists, composers and other authors can also rely on Penkov, Markov & Partners for protection of their rights. We provide consultations to producers, radio, television and other broadcasting organizations as well as organizations for collective management.


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