Labor Law

The reduced volume of business in many Bulgarian companies for the last few years has confronted employers with the challenge to optimize the work process with the related layoff or to restructure the organization of work and working hours. The lawful attainment of the intended effects of the work process restructuring acquires paramount importance in the context of the numerous imperative provisions of the Bulgarian labor law.

Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union (EU) has opened up new opportunities for Bulgarian employers to hire EU citizens and also for Bulgarian citizens to be hired by employers established in the EU. The labor law aspects of these opportunities frequently generate issues of different complexity. These issues require detailed analysis of the overall situation of the legal relationship, as well as good knowledge of the relevant legal framework.

In this connection, the PM&P team has focused its efforts on the identification of the problems and needs of its clients in the field of labor law. Its work and active assistance are intended to find efficient and, at the same time, reasonable legal solutions for overcoming the problems with the supply and demand of manpower, including those against the background of the complex issues created by labor relationships with an international element.

PM&P has concentrated its attention in its current and forthcoming work on the legal opportunities provided for in the amendment to the Labor Code of the end of 2011 concerning distance work, work from home, and work at undertakings offering temporary employment. The amended labor legislation creates good opportunities for Bulgarian and foreign employers and workers to offer and seek jobs and manpower, while avoiding territorial and time constraints. However, experience has borne it out that the Bulgarian labor market is still unwilling to accept such novelties in reality and this, in its turn, is a challenge which motivates PM&P to seek working solutions of labor law issues and problems of its clients.



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