Licensing and Know-How Agreements

Licensing agreements on the granting of rights to manufacture, to use and to distribute patent-protected inventions, utility models or trademarks have played an important role in modern business life for many years and especially since the rapid introduction of various technologies, software products and innovations.

Recently there has been growth of these specific agreements. Their preparation entails a lot of difficulties not only because of the lack of detailed legal provisions, which is natural given the fact that they are generated by and directly related to practice, but also because of the typical cross-border nature of the transfer of technologies and the non-conventional scope and content of the guarantees for successful implementation within the agreed parameters.

In the field of licensing and know-how agreements the PM&P team is headed by Vladimir Penkov, Managing Partner with enormous experience gained in the negotiations on large-scale complete projects and individual licensing agreements or know-how agreement more than a decade before the changes in the country.

At present, the PM&P team takes part in the procedure for granting rights to use trademarks. In particular, it has contributed greatly to the successful outcome of the negotiations between the Bulgarian company LB Bulgaricum, holder of patents, trademarks and appellations of origin for Bulgarian yoghurt and Meiji Co. for a large territory covering a number of countries.

A licensing agreement is very often included in or accompanied by a know-how agreement which lays down the terms and conditions for a successful transfer of technologies and observance of the agreed parameters.


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“The group’s star practitioner Vladimir Penkov is regarded as “one of the country’s standout lawyers.” He is recognized for his skills in corporate/commercial, privatization, project financing, licensing and banking work."