Insolvency and Bankruptcy

The PM&P team has steadily expanded its services in court proceedings and debt recovery enforcement, as well as insolvency proceedings over the recent years.

The economic situation in the country, Europe and the world at large has direct impact on these processes which are typical of business life, coupled with the banks’ lending policies, all leading to growing business-to-business indebtedness.

The great experience of the experts in the law firm enables them to successfully cope with the dynamism of the amendments to the legal framework and to plan optimal protection of their clients, debtors and creditors alike.

For the last twenty years the teams has gained substantial expertise in the representation of creditors, both banks and suppliers, including those involved in the major insolvency proceedings of Kremikovtzi AD.

PM&P represents also debtors in open or potential insolvency proceedings. The firm has rich experience and expertise in the structuring and conduct of insolvency proceedings in the case of groups of related companies, including international ones.



„This group impresses with its “entirely client-and-business-oriented approach, dedication and deep knowledge."“