Litigation and Arbitration

Although it is invariably determined to seek amicable solutions to avoid judicial and arbitration proceedings for its clients, PM&P provides, if necessary, highly efficient procedural representation in the state courts or in the voluntary arbitration proceedings in civil and commercial cases.

The team of the law firm defended successfully the biggest wind power plant of Enertrag before the Arbitration Tribunal at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a landmark dispute with the state monopoly, the National Electric Company, concerning the validity of an existing preliminary connection contract and the arbitration award was subsequently confirmed in the final judgment of the Supreme Court of Cassation. That successful case has introduced new standards of thinking, which any monopolist will have to take into consideration in future.

The lawyers of PM&P have substantial experience in the field of international arbitration proceedings, which is a great advantage to our clients.

The high success rate in proceedings that are often complicated due to the lack of consistent case law is indicative not only of the high professional level but also the good organization and commitment of the lawyers in the firm. In this connection, in its capacity of legal advisor to Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company the PM&P team, having successfully completed a series of court proceedings, including an interpretative decision of the Supreme Court on the issue, has succeeded in defending the recognition and refunding of VAT on packaging, which has grown into standing court practice since then.

The PM&P team often participates in litigation for damages and non-performance in the construction sector. PM&P is expanding its experience in debt recovery for its clients, which requires good coordination and joint action in court cases and in the work of private bailiffs.




“This quality practice is increasingly visible in the dispute resolution arena. It is distinguished by its “attention to detail and prompt and complete advice.“