IT, Media and Telecommunications

PMP is among the leading law firms in Bulgaria providing legal services in the field of IT, media and telecommunications. We have an exceptionally competent team of lawyers in the field of e-commerce and other web-based activities, who have drafted some of the earliest general conditions for the operation of our clients in Bulgaria. Of course, our consultations also cover a number of other legal areas, such as intellectual property, copyright and neighbouring rights, consumer law, e-payments, representations and notices, as well as personal data protection.

PMP provides comprehensive legal services in the area of telecommunications and the media. Our lawyers’ vast experience has been acquired through the participation of PMP in the privatization of Bulgaria’s largest telecom, by way of due diligence reports, participation in the privatization procedures and negotiations, consulting and other administrative procedures and the issuance of licenses, all of that being organized and conducted by the Electronic Media Council and the Communications Regulation Commission.

Our services often cover matters such as network access and interconnectivity, disputes between telecoms and joint use and construction of facilities.

PMP takes part in drafting the relevant legislation, while taking an active civil stand in the public hearings of bills and other proposed pieces of legislation, including legal analyses and recommendations submitted to the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications. PMP also provides effective legal protection in cases where decisions of the Communications Regulation Commission or the Electronic Media Council are appealed before the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria.


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“An established port of call for international clients, this local outfit impresses peers with its track record in TMT… Satisficed clients say the team is able to take on complicated issues and offers excellent support from the start to the end of projects.”