E-commerce and E-payments

PM&P actively supports the wide spread of information technologies in the Bulgarian society through its involvement in the processes of strengthening of good practices and through its cooperation with the Bulgarian Web Association and the Consumer Protection Commission in the drafting of the first Guidelines for the General Terms and Conditions of Web-based Services and E-Commerce.

Clients of the law firm are leading IT companies providing e-commerce and information society services, such as Superhosting.bg, Yahoo!, Store.bg, Sila-bg, Mobile Innovations, etc. At the same time, the PM&P team offers full legal assistance related to IT in the field of data protection, consumer protection, compliance of information technologies, structuring of contractual relations for software development, outsourcing, intellectual property rights protection and others.

The team of the firm provides advice and drafts contracts and general terms and conditions for the operation of its clients who maintain web sites like www.host.bg, www.4string.com, www.mp3-bg.com, www.vbox.bg, www.get.bg, etc.

PM&P has substantial experience in judicial and arbitration proceedings to resolve disputes concerning intellectual property rights on the internet, disputes concerning rights to domains, collective remedies of regulatory authorities, appeals against instructions to provide access to personal data and others.

Members of our team take active part also in the IT sector through its support to the Bulgarian Web Association, the Bulgarian E-commerce Association, and the Association of Independent Internet Providers.



“The group is also at the vanguard of developments in the sphere of e-commerce in Bulgaria and regularly participates and liaises with industry organizations such as the Bulgarian Association for Electronic Commerce and the Association of the Independent Internet Providers.“