Electronic Communications and Media

PM&P is recognized as a leader in the legal services to clients in the field of electronic communications and media and also in the legal aspects of the information society and information technologies.

The team of PM&P has worked for some of the biggest agreements in this sphere, including the privatization of the Bulgarian telecom BTC AD and the subsequent sale of the company by Advent International to AIG Capital.

It is precisely our desire to identify the most appropriate solution in any situation that has led government authorities and non-governmental organizations to seek the expertise of PM&P, including the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications and the Communications Regulatory Commission, which have involved our experts at various stages of the drafting of amendments to the Electronic Communications Act and a number of pieces of secondary legislation in all spheres of the economy.

PM&P provides comprehensive legal services and advice in the field of telecommunications and media, which have been used by our clients such as Radio and TV City, Carrier BG, Speedynet, GT Bulgaria, BTC AD and others.



“This telecommunications, IT and media ensemble wins the admiration of clients with its “business orientation and innovative ideas.” The team is praised for his” thorough and detailed understanding of the sector and clients’ needs.“