Public Procurement

Public procurement plays an increasingly important role as an organizational legal instrument to guarantee equality and transparency in the award of public procurement contracts by the central government, municipalities and other entities specified by law. It is very often related also to financial resources disbursed by the European Union.

The existence of harmonized rules is a major incentive and motivation for the participation of local and foreign investors who can rely on fair procedures and unbiased selection of the winner, while meeting the conditions and criteria set in advance.

The strictly formalized rules, of course, require from bidders stringent compliance with the established criteria and observance of the requirements to the form and content of the bid at all stages of the procedure in accordance with the conditions announced in advance.

Over the recent years the PM&P team has gained huge experience in advising bidders not only in the phase of examination of the specific requirements but also in the identification of the most important and sensitive conditions which need further compliance action, clarification and adaptation.

Throughout the process the team compiles the whole set of documentation, makes inquiries into the procedure and conditions, and prepares appeals to be lodged, if necessary, in administrative or judicial proceedings.

The experience gained and the good knowledge of the practices of the Competition Protection Commission and the Supreme Administrative Court underpin the high level of efficiency in the performance of the PM&P team.



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