Administrative Proceedings

Guided by the objective to attain higher efficiency of the judiciary in the wake of the political changes in 1989, the law-maker has gradually shaped a structure of specialized administrative courts within the judiciary. The exclusive competence of these courts is to hear administrative cases. The system of administrative courts consists of regional courts and the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) as the highest judiciary body in administrative justice, existing parallel to the Supreme Court of Cassation but with its special competence in administrative cases.

Being the highest judiciary authority in the administrative justice, the SAC acts, on the one hand, as the final instance of cassation for the judgments ruled by lower-ranking administrative courts and, on the other hand, as the first-instance court to hear appeals against acts specified by law, such as the acts of a number of regulatory authorities, including the Competition Protection Commission, the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, the Communications Regulation Commission and others. Besides, the SAC is the only judiciary authority competent to hear cases concerning the legality of acts issued by the Council of Ministers or individual ministers, as well as pieces of secondary legislation.

The complicated system of remedies against administrative acts, however, calls for substantial experience and knowledge of the process and the functioning of the system, and also of the administrative procedural rules so that to ensure the most effective protection of the interests of any undertaking in its relationships and disputes with the public administration.

The team of PM&P has enormous experience in dealing with administrative appeals at all levels of the administrative judiciary system and especially the Supreme Administrative Court in proceedings which involve appeals against acts of administrative regulatory authorities, for instance, licenses or refusals to issue licenses, penalty acts issued for infringements of the competition law, disputes related to the fulfillment of license obligations of monopoly undertakings, etc.



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