How do we get to rule over the challenges in the complicated times of necessary change and development?

How do we enrich ourselves with new ideas and even more important – how do we incorporate them?

Are the knowledge and experience of the individual professionals sufficient?

Obviously, in times of quickly flowing societal and economic processes and total digitalization of our life, one opportunity to increase the number of positive ideas and their realization, for successful overcoming of the challenges to the benefit of the clients but also of our law firm, is the successful interaction between the skills of every single one of us and the standards and requirements of the clients.

Exactly this is synergy and synergy is the bridge to success!

And in order for the above not to be just words, the synergy in law firm Penkov, Markov & partners is created on all levels – synergy in the administrative management, marketing and the building of the staff, synergy between the most experienced, knowledgeable and capable partners and lawyers, as well as the synergy in the application of the standards by everybody in the firm and the realization of the ideas with the involvement of all colleagues with different qualification and abilities.

This is the way in which we create synergy as a response to the challenges and in order to improve the quality of our services to the benefit of clients. This is how we see the development path before law firm Penkov, Markov & Partners.