Magdalena Ovcharova

Attorney at Law

Practice Areas

Mrs. Ovcharova has significant experience in legal researches, elaboration of legal documents and representation of clients in different areas of commercial law such as: Corporate law, Commercial Contracts, Administrative law, Renewables, Tax law, Public Procurement, Real estate, Litigation & Arbitration.


Mrs. Ovcharova has been involved in the provision of legal advice, as well in the drafting of legal documents and representation of clients in the following areas: international projects in the field of energy with companies such as AES Horizonc Ltd (who built TEC Maritsa AES Galabovo), Entergi (shareholder at TEC Maritsa Istok 3), RWE Rheinbraun AG, as well as the signing of a package of long-term contracts between the abovementioned foreign companies and Mini Maritsa Istok EAD and NEK EAD; legal assistance in project development of GP Energy EOOD as a subsidiary of TERNA S.A for building wind farms, namely project Vetropark Krumovgrad with capacity  75 MW, Vetropark Lukovit with capacity 40 MW, Vetropark Omurtag with capacity 40 MW; member in the working groups, developing the project of Plambek New Energy Bulgaria OOD, for building Vetropark Kamenetswith capacity 60 MW and Vetropark Yambol with capacity 40 MW; assistance in project development of PNE Asland GmbH and PNE Vindpark Dobrudzha for building Wind Farm Dobrudzha with capacity 150 MW; по задание на „BEA” GmbH Германия и за целите на Министерството на Енергетиката –разработка на концепция за развитие на чуждестранното дружество в енергийния сектор на Р. България. Mrs. Ovcharova is also legal of RUDIN OOD – Bulgarian market leader in the implementation of industrial construction and repair activities in the field of energy; „GST Scafolding Bulgaria EOOD as a subsidiary of GST Service AG – leader in the construction of industrial scaffolding; Remotex Randevue EAD – repair and manufacture of spare parts for heavy-duty mining, transport and energy equipment.