Yordan Politov

Attorney at law, Head of Intellectual Property and Innovations


Practice Areas

Patent Law, Copyright, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, Licensing Agreements, Intellectual Property Agreements, Litigation


Mr. Politov has over 12 years of experience in administrative and judicial proceedings before the Bulgarian courts, the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the International Bureau of WIPO and the European Patent Office (EPO), dealing with Intellectual Property, namely in the fields of Patents for Invention, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications and Copyright.


He has an extensive practical experience in the following areas:

- writing legal opinion on Intellectual Property;

- performing research with the aim to prevent any infringements of Intellectual Property rights;

- preparing legal analysis for enterprises, as well as for the purposes of Intellectual Property transactions;

- drafting agreements, including license agreements, contracts for transfer of rights and contracts for granting the right to use the works;

- preparing and filing national, international and European applications for protection of objects of Industrial Property (such as Marks, Industrial Designs, Patents);

- representation in court proceedings.

More important projects

  • Legal advice to Bayer – Germany, regarding protection and enforcement of the mark “Aspirin” in Bulgaria – legal representation in judicial and administrative proceedings;
  • Legal advice to Karelia Tabaco Company Inc. – Greece, including enforcement of trademarks rights and filing of mark applications and renewal of registrations;
  • Legal advice to LB Bulgaricum EAD with regard to conducting negotiations with Meiji Corp. – Japan, concerning the conclusion of a new license agreement for the use the designations of origin “Bulgaria Yogurt” and “Bulgarian starter culture for Bulgarian Yogurt” in China and other Asian countries;
  • Legal advice to Zagorka AD (Heineken – Bulgaria) in the fields of trademarks and copyright;
  • Legal advice to Knauf – Bulgaria with regard to preliminary research of the state of the art and drafting a Patent application in the field of producing plasterboard;
  • Legal representation of Alen Mak AD – insolvent company, Plovdiv, with regard to trademark rights protection in administrative and judicial proceedings;
  • Legal consulting to Coca-Cola Bulgaria EOOD regarding the legal basis for registration and for removal of trade names and marks – “Devin” and “Bankia”, as well as concerning the trademark “Rosa”;
  • Legal representation of the Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents with regard to registration of their own mark;
  • Drafting, by assignment of the Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents, an Amending Act to the Code of Civil Procedure, Title Two – “Enforcement of Pecuniary Receivables”, with regard to including the registered objects of Industrial Property as objects for enforcement of pecuniary receivables;
  • Legal advice to Carrefour – Bulgaria (CMB Bulgaria) in the field of Intellectual Property;
  • Legal advice to Distilled Spirits Council of the United States with regard to the protection of the product designation “Bourbon” within the EU;
  • Legal advice and consult to Konservinvest Ltd. with regard to the legal basis of registration and for cancellation of the trademarks and designations “Parvomaiska liutenitsa”;
  • Legal analysis of the Intellectual Property of „blizoo“;
  • Legal analysis of the Intellectual Property of TBI Bank;
  • Legal advice with regard to infringement of the Copyright on the building and the original
    architectural design projects of the “National Army Complex”; participation in the negotiations with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as drafting a Copyright Licence Agreement;
  • Legal consulting to the National Palace of Culture (NDK) – Sofia, the biggest congress center in South- Eastern Europe, in the field of Copyright;
  • Legal advice concerning registration and legal provision of the activity of a non-profit association „BAACPA“ – Bulgarian organization for collective management of copyright of architects;
  • Legal consulting and preparing a written statement for architect G. Savov with regard to granting the right to use architectural projects to the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) for the construction of the building of the „Cash and Information Center“ in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
  • Legal consulting and preparing opinions and correspondence for architect Prof. R. Nikiforova with regard to granting the right to use architectural design projects for the “Jenski Pazar” object, Sofia;
  • Legal consulting and preparing opinions and correspondence for architect Prof. PhD I. Nikiforov with regard to granting the right to use architectural projects for the „Central square of the town of Teteven“ object;
  • Legal representation to architect P. Kolchev in court cases concerning Copyright infringement, namely Copyright on works of architecture such as architectural projects and the building of the Palace of Culture and Sport in the city of Varna;
  • Preparing legal documentation and legal opinions for Keratech Engineering OOD with regard to Copyright and related to upgrading the building of Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel Varna, as well as providing legal representation in court;
  • Legal consulting to the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB) and drafting motions to the Ministry of Culture with regard to upgrading the building of hotel complex Marinela (former Kempinski – Zografski) in Sofia;
  • Legal consulting to the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria concerning building projects “STARH 2016 VARNA WAVE”, “STARH 2016 LABYRINTH VARNA”;
  • Preparing a written opinion for CAB and Luke Adsits - Sofia, with regard to the reconstruction of the current building of a Shopping Center „Shopping Outlet Center” /former Pfoe Mall/ in the city of Varna;
  • Participation, alongside representatives of Musicauthor, Profon and other organizations for collective management of copyrights, in the preparation of opinions concerning the adopted Amending Act to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, in force since March 2018;
  • Validation of European Patents in Bulgaria – client - Warsaw University;
  • Provision of legal assistance of Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG regarding infringements of intellectual property rights;
  • As a Legal Adviser in the Patent Office (period: 2016 – 2010): legal representation, preparing acts of the Chairman, drafting amending acts to the current legislation, preparing reports, opinions and statements to the European Commission, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Patent Office, participation in joint projects with international organizations and conducting the correspondence with the latter.


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  • February 2012 – Lecture on the topic of: “Patent Protection of the Computer-Related Inventions”, IP Explained, Czech Cultural Centre, Sofia.
  • February 2012 – Lecture on the topic of: “Parallel Imports in the Light of Copyright and Trade Mark Law”, presented before the Union of the Jurisconsults by invitation of Georgi Sarakinov PhD.


  • 2010 – by the Director of Directorate "Legal Insurance and Disputes", Patent Office of Bulgaria;
  • 2016 г. – by Georgi Sarakinov PhD;
  • 2016 г. – by Bojanka Nedelcheva, docent, PhD.