Roman Stoyanov



Practice Areas

Roman Stoyanov disposes with long-term practical experience in researches, preparation of legal documents and representation of clients in different spheres of business law, such as administrative law, commercial and corporate law, pharmaceutical law, customs law, litigation and arbitration, mergers and acquisitions.


As a part of the legal team of PM&P Roman Stoyanov participates in the provision of legal advices and consultations, as well as in representation of clients in the following notable projects: Commercial and Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions: preparation of legal due diligence reports under assignment of the Bulgarian government for 15 Bulgarian companies in view of their privatization; investment of Black Sea Fund L.P., Etva S.A., and Euromerchant Balkan Fund SICAV in Drujba AD: acquisition by Salini Costruttori S.p.A. of Primagas AD; investment by Thomas Cook AG (C&N Touristic AG) in a number of hotels at the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts, consulting on a variety of loan agreements, incorporation of a joint-venture with a Bulgarian tour-operating company; preparation of shareholders’ agreement on the management of Zlatni Piassatsi AD in the post-privatization period; acquisition by Titan Cement Company S.A., Greece, of the main cement producer and group of affiliated companies in Bulgaria; acquisition by Chipita International of business from Royal Foods, Bulgaria; sale by EBRD of stakes in local companies; acquisition by Advent International of majority stake of shares in Bulgarian Telecommunications Company AD; privatization of Navigation Maritime Bulgare and Bulgarian River Shipping; acquisition by Black Sea Fund, (Global Finance) of a majority stake of shares in United Milk Company; acquisition by AIG Capital Partners of majority stake of over 90 percent in the capital of Bulgarian Telecommunications Company AD (the largest М&A transaction in Bulgaria), consulting in the preparation of a prospect for public tender offer for  purchase of shares from the minority shareholders; preparation and negotiation of agreements in different spheres, such as: shareholders agreements, agreements for supply, sale, distribution, leasing, pledge, financing, construction, software development, domains, trademarks, consulting services, research activities, monitoring, etc. Administrative Law, Regulatory Issues: provision of legal advice and assistance to multination and local pharmaceutical companies for authorising the use and distribution of medicinal products, registration of prices, obtaining of licenses for wholesale with medicinal products, conduct of clinical trials, compassionate use programs and others, advertisement of medicinal products, including assistance in the conclusion of agreements for advertisement of medicinal products; consulting of a multinational producer of medical devices in the preparation of distribution model of free-of-charge products (surgical kits) as a supplement to main product (implants), including on tax, customs and regulatory regimes; court representation of a Bulgarian marketing authorisation holder for a medicinal product in the appeals of acts by the customs authorities for levying with excise; consultant of an international CRO in connection with the incorporation in Bulgaria and start-up of activities, including for appropriate legal forms, regulatory, tax law and labour law issues; assistance regarding collection, processing and transfer of personal data in the course of conduct of clinical trials; consultancy on the possibilities for performance of gambling activities on the internet; consulting of a non-profit organisation on the implementation of new model lottery, including for necessary legislative changes, drafting of proposals for changes in the legislative acts; assistance for obtaining of authorisation from the Intergovernmental Commission for export control and non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction for the export of encryption software products in view of their possible dual use; legal assistance and advice on environmental issues, obtaining of permits for activities on waste disposal and others. Mr. Stoyanov is well acquainted with the Bulgarian legislation and shows perseverance and optimism.



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